Zenith Aventura It is the only flight school of Hang Gliding in Catalonia

Currently Zenith Aventura offers courses at all levels with instructors from long experience and expertise in this field , Joel Mirón is a member of the national team of Delta Wing and is considered one of the best drivers in the world Delta Wing undoubtedly a real guarantee to consolidate learning this wonderful sport.

Initiation course

The phases of the initiation course are divided as follows:


Phase - Control Racing.

At this stage the student assimilate the practical concepts - basic theoretical performance delta wing , begins to feel the first sensations control and control the basic technique of takeoff and landing in a field with a small slope, the slope school.

Duration: between 3 and 6 days days depending on student's assimilation of the knowledge imparted.


Phase - taketoff School.

Once the first phase successfully, we will make low-level flying will range from 2m to 50m , we go up high to the slope gradually improving following school student.

We will refine takeoffs , small control during flight and landing ; taking us end this phase in the control bar and doing our first turns.

Duration: between 3 and 6 days depending on the flights that can be made per day and student.


Phase - Flights high.

The first solo flight student from the Serra del Montsec.

Once the instructor sees the student's ability to fully realize the 2nd phase, we turn to perform altitude flights (the first flight solo), in which the student will implement everything studied and practiced during the previous phases.

In the first student altitude flights, these will always be guided by instructors via radio stations. We will have an instructor at the start, which will help improve the output and controlling durente flight, and another instructor at the airfield where he will help students land the glider. In each flight instructor guides the student until he is able to go, fly and land him alone!

At this stage the student will perform five flights guided.

Duration: between 2 and 5 days

While completing the course, the Zenith school will provide students with everything needed for learning:

  • Material: Hang gliding, safety harness, helmet, radio.
  • Transport with the school vehicle to areas of practices.
  • Qualified instructors.
  • Insurance.
  • Accommodation in Albergue Vall d'Àger.
  • Course rates of Hang Gliding

    Fase - Race control 400,00€
    Fase - Takeoff school 400,00€
    Fase - Altitude flights 400,00€

    Refresher course.

    This course is for the student who has successfully completed the introductory course and be autonomous pilots who want to learn more technical advances flight side, Thermal flight, flight distance and even who want to start in the world of competition.

    In this course, the instructor will fly next to the student run radio station so we can perfect the technique of flight performance.

    Duration: 5 days

    The course includes:

  • Transport to the exits and landings
  • Qualified instructors.
  • Insurance.
  • Accommodation in Albergue Vall d'Àger.
  • Perfection course Hang Gliding - 500,00€